Switzerland is a small county, only 15,940 square miles, but densely populated, situated in the heart of Western Europe. It shares much of its history and culture with its neighbors Germany, Austria, Italy and France.

Some 60% of Switzerland is in the alpine region, with high mountains (12 peaks above 4,000 m = 13,000 ft. above sea level and many more between 2,000 and 4,000 m) and narrow valleys. 30% are hills and relatively flat valleys carved out by glaciers called “Mittelland” [midlands] (400 to 900 m above sea level). 10% on a chain of older mountains called Jura (not exceeding 1,600 m above sea level). Most of the cities, towns and larger villages are located in Mittelland – this means that the actual density of population in this part of the country is somewhere near 500 inhabitants per km² (1300 per sq. mile)!

Switzerland’s geographical position with its transit routes over the Alps made it a desirable possession for European great powers through the ages. Switzerland’s history cannot be understood without considering its geography, which has had a considerable impact on determining the development of its way of life.

The country that we know today took its final shape only in 1848. Before that time, we cannot really speak of “Swiss history,” but rather the history of its various parts, which only gradually came together.

The culture of Switzerland is characterized by diversity. Switzerland boasts a thriving arts scene, with its architects in particular achieving world-wide acclaim. The wide range of traditional customs is one reflection of this diversity. The people still speak German, French or Italian, depending on which area of this small country they live in.

You will find Switzerland a wonderful country to visit, clean, and efficient. The architecture is so interesting, great food, and friendly people to welcome you and make your visit one you will never forget.

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