Italy has drawn people in search of culture and romance for many centuries. Few countries can compete with its Classical origins, its art, architecture, musical and literary traditions, its scenery or food and wine. The ambiguity of its modern image is also fascinating as it has climbed into the top ten world economies, yet at its heart it retains many of the customs, traditions, and regional allegiances of its agricultural heritage. And the city of Rome with all the ancient ruins and the meandering streets that open up to sunlit piazzas is perfect for exploring.

The Etruscans, who gave their name to Tuscany, were Italy’s first major civilization. The frescoes, jewelry, and pottery found in their tombs and evidence of an artistic, cultured people. Their origin is a mystery, as is their language, but from the 9th century BC on they spread through central Italy.

Renowned for its art, history, and evocative landscape, Tuscany is a region where the past and present merge in pleasant harmony. Hill towns gaze across the countryside from on high, many encircled by Etruscan walls and slender cypress trees. Among the vineyard and olive groves there are hamlets and farmhouses, as well as fortified villas and castles that were built for the Medici family. It is the perfect place for miles of wonderful walking on ancient Roman roads.

The walk outside of Rome sits on a wonderful estate situated between the lakes of Martignano and Bracciano. Bracciano is the larger of the two lakes and is famous for its fish, water sports and lakeside lunches. Medieval Anguillara, where the estate is located is the prettiest of the lakeside towns with romantic views over the water. The main town, Bracciano is dominated by the Orsini-Odescalchi fortress, a pentagonal 15th century structure with frescoes by Tuscan and Umbrian artists.


Capri. Positano. Pompeii. And of course Amalfi – all of these villages evoke images of villages nestled on steep hillsides overlooking the turquoise waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. These incredible and historic towns are as stunning from the ground level as they are when you look down upon them from up in the hills, truly […]

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This walk in Italy is a special experience as Umbria has all the ingredients of culture and gastronomy that we strive for! The extraordinary frescoes of Giotto and Simone Martini and Pietro Lorenzetti in Assisi for example. The fantastic wines presented to us by Roberto Angellini ……. some of the best Italy have to offer. […]

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This new eight day trip takes you through the beauty of a well-trodden Tuscany. Well-trodden yes but we will be showing you this great region through our eyes and with our passion. Food, wine, culture and walking will lend itself to the success of a great week. There are some outstanding wines made in Tuscany […]

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Italy’s Roman Countryside Walk

Today, the area of Tuscia is an inviting and fertile land. This is the reason it is, in actuality, the Ancient Tuscany. It is settled between Rome and Florence, and it is also called Upper Latium, or Southern Etruria. It is a land older than Rome, inhabited by the Etruscans long before Rome’s foundation. Rich […]

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