For such a small island, England has sent its’ people far and wide through the course of history.   So many people living in America, have relatives who came from England, that for most it truly is going back in time to explore where “we came from”.

For those used to the largesse of America, it is such a surprise to realize, that there is almost as much variety in the landscapes of the British Isles, as there are in the Continent of North America.   Accents change, architecture is different, but the thing one notices the most is that everything seems to be made on a smaller scale.   A perfect climate to walk in, the gentle rains keep everything cool and green, and gardens quite beautiful.

Our walk in Suffolk is a perfect way to get a taste of what England has to offer.

Come join me, on a visit to my family who live on this magnificent Island of Jersey!  It is the largest of the four islands that are part of the Channel Islands, closer to France than to England. They are however considered to be part of the “British Islands” not to be confused with the […]

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The county of Suffolk is the where your guide was brought up so it gives him enormous pleasure to be able to show you around one of the most beautiful counties in England.  Suffolk Pink, Suffolk Punch the Redpoll Suffolk cows and it surely has to be one of the best counties for the “gastro […]

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This is a wonderful chance to explore this wonderful area of the English countryside. Just north and east of London, this is a gentle countryside of rolling hills, flatlands and charming seaside villages. Rich in history, this area was well known in medieval times for its major contribution to the wool trade and many of […]

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