Peru's Inca TourThis journey will take you back to a time when the region was ruled by ancient civilizations. From the Nazca people and the Incas through to the period of the Spanish conquest, Peru is a land rich in history and culture. From an abundant coastline to desert dunes rich in archaeological treasures, lush green cloud forests, beautiful colonial cities and majestic Inca ruins to the remote islands of Lake Titicaca, we will explore a truly remarkable region. Abundant in natural beauty and alive with a vibrant and colorful culture, this journey through Peru will be an exhilarating and unforgettable experience. And yes, you will of course watch the sun rise over the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu from the Inca Sun Gate.

You will fly into Lima, and enjoy a night to relax before joining the tour of the city in the morning, originally built in the 17th century it has a rich and fascinating history. You will spend several days in Cusco getting acclimatized to the altitude, as you enjoy some of the local adventures available. Choose from some white water rafting, a biking trip, or even a hot air ballooning trip through the Sacred Valley.

By your sixth day you will be ready to start your famous hike along the Urubamba River, through the valleys and over mountain passes to reach the ruins of Machu Picchu. You will be camping for 3 nights along the Inca trail in very comfortable large tents with real beds. (It is necessary to book well in advance for Machu Picchu, as tickets are scarce. Should there be no availability, or you prefer not to do this long trek with camping, there is an alternate trip to the Sacred Valley available.)

Returning to Cusco to relax a little, you will then set out to explore more of Peru. Driving south across the Andean plains, where Vacuna and Alpaca roam, to arrive on the shores of Lake Titicaca. Take an overnight trip out on to the lake where we will visit the Islas Uros, where the Uros Indians have made their home on floating reed islands. Arriving to Amantani Island you will enjoy an overnight home stay with a friendly local family and the opportunity to be welcomed into their homes and truly experience their traditional way of life.

In the morning another boat trip across the lake to Taquile Island, famous for its handicrafts. Hike the terraced fields used for farming. You will cross the border into Bolivia to spend your last evening at one of La Paz’s finest restaurants.

Dates: Lima (Peru) to La Paz (Bolivia): July 15-26, Aug. 1-15, Sept. 21-Oct. 4
Reverse itinerary Dates: La Paz(Bolivia) to Lima (Peru): June 12-26, Aug. 1-15, Set. 21- Oct.4

Rate: $2,785.00 USD for twin shared rooms, plus $750.00 USD cash for local payments.
(Single Supplement: $630.00 USD)
(14 nights with breakfast, 8 lunches and 9 dinners)

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