Italy’s Roman Countryside WalkToday, the area of Tuscia is an inviting and fertile land. This is the reason it is, in actuality, the Ancient Tuscany. It is settled between Rome and Florence, and it is also called Upper Latium, or Southern Etruria.

It is a land older than Rome, inhabited by the Etruscans long before Rome’s foundation. Rich in history, the Romans conquered the Etruscans in the III and IV centuries B.C. but in the process, the Romans were bested by the Etruscans’ more advanced education.

You will be walking in this incredible area, a mix of pristine nature, diverse architecture and ancient archeology dating very far back into history. Each of the places you will visit on this walk is resounding marker of a different Age: starting with the Etruscans, moving to the Romans and then the Medieval, the Renaissance and Baroque time periods. Each of which is presented and discovered in its natural setting, each of them like an actor on the stage of the great play called History.

In 990 A.D. when Sigerico, the Archbishop of Canterbury, was walking from England to Rome in 79 days, along the ‘French Route’ (called also the ‘Pilgrims Route’), the very last leg of the journey is through Tuscia, just where you will be walking. The same route was taken by pilgrims from the early 1600s to the late 1800s by the ‘ Grand Tourists ‘, who came through Italy and the city of Rome to taste the flavor of Western Civilization. Notable among these pilgrims are: Goethe, the poets Shelley, Byron, Keats, Stendhal and even Mark Twain and Henry James.

Another highlight of the walk is the magnificent and impressive medieval Castle Orsini Odescalchi, founded in 1470 in Bracciano. It was built as a military fortress by Napoleone Orsini, and soon after was turned into a Renaissance residence. The Orsini family was very prominent and they were also related to the Medici family in Florence; in fact Lorenzo de’ Medici, called “Il Magnifico”, married Clotilde Orsini. The Castle was sold to Odescalchi family in1695, and it is still owned by them to this day.

So, welcome to the heart of Italy! Stroll through Italy’s sun-dappled countryside. Share special times with local Italian farmers as they prepare for the grape harvest. Be treated to their special wines, pressed olive oil, and fresh-baked breads. Hike through some of Europe’s best archeological areas. Visit such sites as Monterano, Barbarano and Bracciano. Spend time walking centuries old villages, visit Etruscan tombs and walk beneath Roman aqueducts. Bracciano’s history will delight you. And of course you’ll want to make sure you try some of the world’s best pastas. You’ll be treated to a feast of food, wine, beautiful countryside and ancient history hard to imagine.

Dates: (6 nights) April 7-13, Oct. 6–12
Rates: $1,840.00 USD – Double Room
(Double Room Single Supplement $300.00 USD)
(Suite Supplement for two: $650.00 USD)
(Suite Supplement for one: $435.00 USD)
Optional cooking lesson on Wednesday: $230.00 USD per person

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