A winter trip to France, what a great way to spend a long weekend, discovering the secrets of the truffle!   After this adventure, maybe a few days in Paris or London.

Plutarch believed they were mud cooked by lightning, Juvenal that they were the product of thunder and rain, and Pliny that they were nature’s greatest miracle. Elizabeth David said they were the most delicious of foods anywhere and Brillat Savarin that ‘without truffles there can be no truly gastronomic meal.’ And the mystic around the truffle continues, in its nebulous way, to intrigue.

This long weekend is an idea to allow you to get to know this mysterious and gastronomically fantastic fungus as you may never have been able to do before. We concentrate on three subjects concerning truffles: the hunting, the cooking/eating and the buying.

The weather in January and February can be glorious. Cold and crisp, with perfect blue skies – the perfect skies to go hunting truffles.   The idea is to do some walking but should we get bad weather there are ample alternatives (castles, chateaux and wineries to visit) and of course we will be well prepared for such events!

The weekend takes place in the truffle rich region of the Quercy. This is a beautiful untouched region of France just south of the Dordogne. In 1152 it was given by Eleanor of Aquitaine to Henri d’Anjou two years before he became Henry II of England, it is an area that has changed little since. There is no industry here to pollute the atmosphere and the limestone plateau, fertile valleys who’s roads are so often lined with the Lombardy poplar trees, long lazy meandering rivers and fantastic food and wine lend themselves to a wonderful long weekend holiday!

Dates: (4 nights) Feb. 9-13,  Feb. 16 – 20
Rate:  $1,600.00 USD double occupancy (Single Supplement: $265.00 USD)

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