This area of south west France, known as the ‘Quercy’, just south of the Dordogne, was given by Eleanor of Aquitaine to Henri d’Anjou in 1152, two years before he became Henry II of England, and its beauty and timelessness has changed little since. In addition, it is still known today as being the gastronomic heart of France.

Walking through ancient stone villages and across remarkable stone bridges you are transported to a time when travel was all on foot or on horseback. The villages are testaments to the lives and struggles of the Cathars, long ago expunged by the Catholic Church for heresy, but their story and their influence in this region remain strong today. The echoes of their beliefs and legendary and impactful lives can be seen everywhere.

This historic area is a fertile and lush river valley with winding paths and melodic nightingale songs. The peacefulness and tranquility permeate and resonate in the people living there today. As you move away from the river, the land gently slopes upward into the hills and you will wander the meadows dotted with sheep and full of lovely and colorful orchids.

As you make your way to the famous city of Cahors, you will delight in the river paths and marvel at the ancient ways of transporting goods along the river and cliffs is explained. This entire area has played such a pivotal role in European history and yet still remains some of the best and most unspoiled terrain for exploring.

Dates (4 nights): Sept. 1-5
Dates (7 nights): Sept. 7-14, Sept. 14-21, Sept. 21-28

Rate (4 nights): $1,375.00 USD (Single Supplement: $360.00 USD)
Rate (7 nights): $2,475.00 USD (Single Supplement: $500.00 USD)

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