We at Active Walking Trips are proud to offer you truly the best walking trips available. You will not see an exhaustive list of trips or locations but you will see a very well rounded and hand picked list of the best places on earth for adventurous walkers.

Our mission is simple:

To provide the highest quality walking trips, with the best guides and accommodations at a fair price.

We absolutely will not offer a trip unless we have been there ourselves. And you should further know that when we visit a location to decide if we will represent them, we also visit the other options in the area to make certain that we understand why our trip is superior. We make no exceptions to this rule, something no other company offering similar trips can offer.

Why is this a benefit to you?
When you reserve a trip with us we can give you information from our firsthand knowledge about exactly how the terrain changes from day to day, what the sights are like that you will see during your trip, how the food is prepared and how dietary restrictions are accommodated, whether you will have any discretionary time during the course of your itinerary and if so, what fun options might be available to you as well as a host of other details that you will want to know when taking a walking vacation.

In other words, when you travel with Active Walking Trips, the trip you receive matches exactly the trip you discussed with us.

Our staff and guides have been offering these trips for close to twenty years. We are proud of the vacations we offer and we hope you will join us.